Cutting Edge Smart Home Devices

Aug 30 2017

Cutting-Edge Smart Home Devices

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Rising global populations are fueling opportunities to create innovative ways to reduce energy consumption. Growing populations are also pushing thought leaders to develop products that save time, lower stress and make homes safer. Technology is at the center of these developments. The trendy term for these new products is smart home technology.

Cool home product redesigns

New smart home technologies are being developed at a speed that can, at times, feel alarming. Other times, new product developments don’t seem to happen fast enough. Some smart home devices are merely redesigns on traditional equipment.

Examples of these products are computer keyboards, flash drives and kitchen bottle openers. Redesigned computer keyboards wipe away worry that you’re keyboard will become permanently damaged should it get wet. In fact, redesigned keyboards can withstand a washing.

Flash drives that are redesigned display the name of files stored on them. You can click arrows on redesigned flash drives until you find the file you’re looking for. Thanks to redesigned bottle openers, you won’t have to waste time searching for a bottle top. The cap stays in the opener until you discard the cap permanently.

Emerging smart home devices

As cool as those smart home devices are, they aren’t innovative from the bottom up. Totally new smart home devices offer optimum advantages. Check out these smart home devices that may soon become top trends.

Amazon Echo – If you’ve ever felt frustrated as you raced through your house in search of a smart home device, you might love the Amazon Echo. With the Echo, you simply speak commands and the device will go to work for you. It works as a central point of control for your other smart home devices.

Wireless lighting – Years ago, it was hand clapping lights. Now, it’s wireless lighting.Smart home wireless devices let you brighten or dim light levels at your house by pressing a control panel. Link smart light bulbs to the device so you can adjust light levels throughout your house.

Window Treatments – Similar to a television remote control, window treatment remotes lower and raise shades and blinds. Protections offered with window treatment remote controls are physical safety, particularly for children. Because you don’t need to open and close window treatments with a cord, you can install cordless blinds,shades and other window treatments throughout your home.

Trash receptacles – You can truly live clutter free with a smart trash can. The can rest on wheels. Intelligence built into trash receptacles leads the can toward trash that you’re tossing in the can’s direction. Get this receptacle and you could easily watch the number of times that trash lands on the floor decrease.

Smart home devices that don’t operate on electricity can become true energy savers. Other smart home devices reduce frustration and stress, removing the need to hunt for products. These devices also help homeowners to shorten the time that it takes to go from bed to a vehicle and work.

The one challenge that developing products could create is an appetite for continual learning. People who use new home technologies will have to keep up with steps on how to operate and connect cyber and hand-held tools. The outcome could be inspiring. After all, it’s through ongoing learning that homeowners discover how they can redesign, upgrade and structure their houses to meet their personal changing needs and wants.

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