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  • How to Find Funding for Big Projects

    Jun 21 2020

    Big Projects: How to Find Funding

    After settling into your home, you start to notice a few things either need to be retouched or completely overhauled. The biggest issue that a lot of homeowners run into is the money for the project. Even after assessing whether the project is a DIY or you’ll need a professional, funding still comes before action….

  • project management checklist

    May 17 2020

    During Your Flip: Nail these Crucial Project Management Skills

    Flipping a house successfully means keeping your ducks in a row during the rehab process–and that typically means communicating with several vendors to coordinate work, making sure everyone is on the same page, and dealing with delays when they (inevitably) occur. It’s worth your while to build a project management strategy and skill set into your…

  • DIY: Rolling Plant Caddy

    May 03 2020

    DIY: Rolling Plant Caddy

    Plants and flower pots can be heavy items to move around. The good news is you can eliminate the trouble with a rolling plant caddy. You can build one yourself using rustic wood or precut pieces from your local home store. Stability is the key here.  Plan to build the caddy large enough so that your…

  • Tips for Budgeting for a Fixer Upper

    Mar 01 2020

    Tips for Budgeting for a Fixer Upper

    If you are handy with home repair, you could buy a more expensive house if you are willing to put some work into it. Many foreclosures are often sold “as is,” and require some work. The seller may also be more open to negotiating a lower price based on the number of repairs that need…

  • Tips on Creating a Functional Space Out of an Old Garden Shed

    Dec 15 2019

    Tips on Creating a Functional Space Out of an Old Garden Shed

    Do you have an old garden shed in your yard that’s outlived its original purpose? Perhaps your gardening tools and supplies have moved on to a new shed or been relocated to a convenient spot in the corner of your garage. If so, you may be considering tearing down your old shed. After all, these structures…

  • Smart Ideas for Kitchen Design

    Nov 17 2019

    Smart Ideas for Kitchen Design

    Designing your dream kitchen is a fun and exciting step in your home build or remodel. You’ll want to find the perfect cabinets, countertops, and sink for your new space. In addition to the aesthetic of the pieces you select, be sure to consider their functional value. Here are some smart ideas to keep in…

  • Plan for Home Upgrades During Construction

    Nov 10 2019

    Plan for Home Upgrades During Construction

    If you have the opportunity to design and build your own home, you have the freedom to compile the features you desire and join them together into the perfect house. As you work together with a builder or architect, you may find that some details need to be cut from your plan to stay within…

  • Simplify and De-Clutter Your Home

    Nov 03 2019

    Simplify and De-Clutter Your Home

    It is one thing to organize your space, it’s something completely different when you are also trying to create a minimalist lifestyle. Becoming a minimalist is not about finding all the right storage containers, matching bins, and lidded tubs. Instead, it is about removing the need for all those containers, drawers, and tubs in the…

  • How To Complete Your Post-Winter Checklist

    Oct 27 2019

    How To Complete Your Post-Winter Checklist

    Every winter, your home faces harsh weather, and it may benefit you to examine your home during the warmer months for any areas that may need maintenance to avoid excessive and costly repairs to your home during or after the winter. Here are few things to check before the snow starts to fall. 1. The…

  • Dollar Store Deals for Your Home

    Oct 13 2019

    Dollar Store Deals for Your Home

    The wide variety you can find at the bargain dollar stores may be a treasure hunt or a total waste of your money. When it comes to choosing those items that are worth a quick trip to the store; experience is a good teacher. You could also ask your friends who shop at dollar stores…

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