• How to Use Pantone's Classic Blue

    May 10 2020

    How to Use Pantone’s Classic Blue

    Sky at dusk is how Pantone describes classic blue, their 2020 color of the year. Restful and tranquil, a bold color such as classic blue gives the eye a place to rest as it travels around a space, which makes it ideal for accent items such as throw pillows, wall art or drapes. But, for the…

  • DIY: Rolling Plant Caddy

    May 03 2020

    DIY: Rolling Plant Caddy

    Plants and flower pots can be heavy items to move around. The good news is you can eliminate the trouble with a rolling plant caddy. You can build one yourself using rustic wood or precut pieces from your local home store. Stability is the key here.  Plan to build the caddy large enough so that your…

  • Customize Your Room with an Accent Wall

    Feb 23 2020

    Customize Your Room with an Accent Wall

    An accent wall is a great way to add interest to your home’s interior. Accent walls allow you to personalize your space. They can also highlight or complement unique furniture and accessories around your home.  Introduce Color When planning for an accent wall, choose a color palette that works well with the other elements in…

  • Buying a Vacation Home May Be a Realistic Goal

    Nov 24 2019

    Buying a Vacation Home May Be a Realistic Goal

    Generally speaking, taking a family vacation can “recharge your battery,” give you a new lease on life, and enable you to get back to work with a renewed sense of purpose. That’s the ideal scenario when everything falls into place. However, if you’re one of those families that are always looking for a new place…

  • Simplify and De-Clutter Your Home

    Nov 03 2019

    Simplify and De-Clutter Your Home

    It is one thing to organize your space, it’s something completely different when you are also trying to create a minimalist lifestyle. Becoming a minimalist is not about finding all the right storage containers, matching bins, and lidded tubs. Instead, it is about removing the need for all those containers, drawers, and tubs in the…

  • Side Chores to Pick Up

    Sep 22 2019

    Side Chores to Pick Up

    The side hustle chores, you know the ones that you do while you are doing something else. For example, you are vacuuming and picking the kids room at the same time. While the gas pump is filling your tank, you are cleaning out the car. Multi-tasking is a necessity with the way our lives run…

  • Creating a Secret Nook

    Sep 15 2019

    Creating a Secret Nook

    A bustling household can wreak havoc on the peace of mind of a natural introvert. Finding a getaway place inside your home to rest and rejuvenate so that you can return to your busy family life refreshed might seem impossible in your home. But carving out a quiet place might be easier than you think….

  • Can’t Handle the Clutter?

    Sep 01 2019

    Can’t Handle the Clutter?

    Clutter has been overtaking your life long enough, and you have determined to end its grip. Your problem is that it has become so overwhelming that you don’t know how to tackle it. No problem there are superheroes for that- professional organizers! Yes, that is a thing, and they do not come in to clean…

  • Making Friends in Your New Neighborhood Through Fitness

    Aug 18 2019

    Making Friends in Your New Neighborhood Through Fitness

    ZUMBA® is a registered and recognized fitness program that combines both Latin and international music with dance and exercise. At ZUMBA®, you can lose weight and improve fitness while you learn some new dance moves. It is entertaining and enjoyable when you go to your ZUMBA® class with friends around your neighborhood. People love to…

  • 6 Fun Activities for the Family

    Aug 04 2019

    6 Fun Activities for the Family

    Family bonding moments are precious and something you should take for granted. They are essential to developing lasting memories with your children before they move into those stubborn teenage years. Getting kids to take part in activities can sometimes overwhelm, but it’s much easier when it suits their interests. Here are a few fun projects…

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